Local Land Services NSW Brainstorm Launch I provided the overlay animation for this internal film for Local Land Services. 
Role: Animation, Edit
Outstanding in Your Studio was commissioned by the Friends of the Western Plains Cultural Centre, profiling Dubbo Artist Gill Pedrana. 
Role: Producer, Camera, Editor
White Wash was commissioned by the Friends of the Western Plains Cultural Centre, profiling Gamilaroi Artist Paris Norton. 
Role: Producer, Camera, Editor
2040 Community Strategic Plan is an animation explaining the process Dubbo Regional Council will take to implement its Community Strategic Plan. 
Role: Producer, Animation, Editor
Great Business Program TVC was broadcast for three months on regional NSW stations to promote the Great Business Program in Dubbo. 
Role: Producer, Camera, Editor, Animation
Great Big Adventures TVC was part of a major tourism campaign promoting the Western Plains of NSW. Broadcast state-wide.
Role: Producer, Editor
Westview Drive-In Movies was used to promote the one weekend only opening of the Westview Drive-In, which closed in the early 80s. Screened online and at the actual drive-in during the weekend.
Role: Producer, Camera, Editor, Animations
The Venue Pitch was a short film used to pitch interest for national sport tournaments to use Dubbo's Caltex Park.
Role: Producer, Editor, Animations
Invest in Dubbo is a investment film promoting business to invest in Dubbo.
Role: Producer, Editor, Animations, Camera
Welcome to Wellington is a short promoting Wellington, NSW.
Role: Producer, Editor, Animations, Camera
Run is a music video for the band Civil Hands.
Role: Director, Producer, Editor, Camera, Motion Graphics
This Inverted World was an exhibition held at the Western Plains Cultural Centre, this film acted as the intro to the exhibition.
Role: Producer, Animation
Don Draper is a music video for the band One Proud Monkey.
Role: Producer, Animations, Editor, Camera
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